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Air Cleaners, Plumbing & Electrical Service

You can count on McGraw Mechanical in Brighton, Michigan, for professional service of your air cleaner, and for skilled plumbing and electrical services. Our skilled technicians provide full installation services, including running any wiring or pipes that may be needed for your heating and cooling systems.

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Lower Costs & Stay Comfortable

The addition of a humidifier or air cleaner in your home can help you lower costs, as the addition of humidity in the air will help it feel warmer in the winter, the air condition removes the humidity in the summer making it feel cooler. Humidity is also great for the skin, and lengthens the life of hardwood floors by preventing them from drying out. The humidifier system is mounted to your furnace by an HVAC contractor and turns on when your furnace turns on.

Plumbing & Electrical Service

There's no reason to hire two companies to do one job! Our skilled technicians can provide plumbing and electrical services for all of your HVAC needs. Trust us to run copper, PVC, or black iron pipe for your gas and service refrigeration lines, and handle all your PVC problems. We can also do the electrical work necessary for installation.